Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Bear Butte ~ Meade County Commissoners meeting 5/7/08

Update on Bear Butte 5/7/08
By: Tamra Brennan
Founder/Director of Protect Sacred Sites & Protect Bear Butte and

The Meade County Commissioners held their monthly meeting today, Target Logistics was on the agenda in regards to Sturgis County Line, LLC.

Attorney for Target Logistics, Jim Seward stated the following information:

• Attorneys above him made a decision to NOT go thru with the sale closure, but to proceed with a lease, due to the recent appeal of Judge Bastian’s decision.

• Target Logistics is assuming all non litigated liabilities for SCL (Sturgis County Line) and are prepared to immediately pay off the $120k in outstanding debts to the creditors.

• Jay Allen is “no longer running the place.”

• David Shue is the sole member and new General Manager for Sturgis County Line, LLC.

• There was NO guarantee that in the future T.L. would not give Jay Allen a percentage of stock in SCL, LLC.

• That T.L. was only purchasing SCL, LLC and not the Broken Spoke in Sturgis, or other venues that Jay Allen owns (this contradicts what was stated in court on April 14th)

• T.L. will be spending $1M in Meade County by this summer, including the recent purchase of a brand new truck from Ford. (Interesting how they purchased luxury items, before considering paying off the debts, they claim they would. This was also pointed out by Commissioner Dean Wink.)

Some details about Target Logistics:

They were founded in 1978 and have in excess of $50M in capital. Some of their clients include the Secret Service, the feds, and military.

Why would a company that focuses on these types of “clients,” be interested in SCL? There still has been no explanation for this question! This seems a little out of the ordinary to say the least.

Comments, concerns and issues raised by Commissioners:

Commissioner Mallow questioned the validity of the purchase agreement, stating as of today, T.L. and SCL have failed to provide any proof or evidence regarding the transfer documentation.

Commissioner Hammock stated none of this matters, it was all over last December as far as he is concerned. If T.L. wants a liquor license, they will have to apply for a new one.

Commissioner Wink stated that Jay Allen approached this situation like a “school yard bully,” picking on the most vulnerable people. That Allen continually stated, he was in the process of taking care of the outstanding debts and had other businesses in escrow, which would cover the debts and it would be taken care of. However he never came through, with what he said he would do. Wink stated that, Allen had ample warning what repercussions would take place if the debts were not resolved, considering last June his off-sale liquor license was revoked, due to the outstanding debts.

Where it stands at this time:

Meade County Commissioners filed the appeal on May 6, 2008 in Supreme Court. It is expected it will be heard by June 6th, if the Court will accept the appeal or not. If it is accepted, the process could take up to two years before a final decision is reached, between the appeals going back and forth.

Meade County Commissioner’s have the right to stop the appeal process, if desired. (Realistically, I don’t think they will, but I guess we never know)


June 5th at 3:30 p.m. Meade County Courthouse - off-sale alcohol liquor license renewals will be heard, including for SCL.

We need to pack the court with supporters and representatives from the Tribes for this hearing!

This issue is progressively getting worse and now, our struggle has gone from battling Jay Allen, to dealing with a huge multi-million dollar corporation. We need all of our supporters and the Tribes with interest surrounding Bear Butte, to PLEASE come and help continue this ongoing struggle to Protect Bear Butte.

PLEASE plan on attending the upcoming hearing on June 6th.

For CURRENT up to date info, hearings and action alerts regarding the Bear Butte issue, please visit our website at .

We hope to see you all there!

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