Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Bikers for Bear Butte"

This letter is to all those well-meaning bikers who participate in the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota, in August. We believe that the majority of you are not aware of the destruction the rally is causing to one of Indian peoples' most sacred sites, Bear Butte. Very few non-Indians know that for many centuries all the Tribes of the Great Plains worshipped and conducted sacred ceremonies at Bear Butte. It is a place for quiet prayers of thanksgiving and for seeking spiritual guidance with ancient ceremonies.

The spring and summer months through August, is when the Tribes travel to Bear Butte to conduct their annual ceremonies. These prayers and ceremonies do not stop simply because the rally has started. For the past few years there has been a continual encroachment of bars and venues heading towards the sacred mountain. Since the arrival of Sturgis County Line and other venues next to Bear Butte, traditional people are forced to pray with loud music from bars, mufflers and flashing strobe lights over the mountain, instead of praying in peace. In April 2008, Sturgis County Line announced they will be opening year-round and hosting many events throughout the summer. This will make it virtually impossible to pray in peace all summer long.

Most of you are probably unaware that returning Indian veterans of wars since before World War 1, have made their way to the sacred mountain to pray, fast and give thanks for their safe return. Most veterans wouldn't know that the Cheyenne Nation conducted ceremonies on Bear Butte during WW1, WW2, Korea and Viet Nam to insure the victory for American forces. Bear Butte is where our young men and women go to fast, to learn and to test themselves for adulthood. Bear Butte is where our holy men and women have gone to seek spiritual knowledge for as long as our tribal memories can see into the past. Even today in this new millennium, Bear Butte continues to be central to the spiritual and ceremonial lives of over thirty Indian Nations.

Indian people are becoming desperate to preserve even small portions of our once peaceful and remote, sacred places across America.

We ARE NOT trying to close or stop the Sturgis Bike Rally, or even interfere with all the various things that go on there. We are asking that the Federal, State and Local governments enact and enforce a buffer zone around Bear Butte, to restrict the sale of booze within the zone, make sure concerts and other extraneous noise, are kept away from the Mountain. To us that seems very minimal and reasonable, but our words have fallen on deaf ears once again and the county and state are allowing more and more destruction to happen--always closer to Bear Butte. It must be stopped.

It is now our hope that we can turn to the customers of the bike rally, the bikers themselves, to ask that they help us in our efforts. We ask all bikers to help us make attendees of the Sturgis Bike Rally, aware of our request and to help us encourage all the booze and concert venues too close to Bear Butte, to close down and move away. We are asking that all bikers boycott the "Broken Spoke Saloons" until they withdraw their bar away from Bear Butte!

We are asking that all "BIKERS FOR BEAR BUTTE" come together with Indian people to help us enact a buffer zone around Bear Butte and to help us inform all your brother and sister Bikers of the issue.

We pray there, we receive healing and learn our ancient ways of life there. We KNOW YOU respect Bear Butte and will stand by our side, in this struggle! We ask our biker brothers and sisters to help us PROTECT our SACRED MOUNTAIN.


• We would like to ask all Bikers for Bear Butte, to NOT patronize the “Sturgis County Line” Broken Spoke Campground, adjacent to Bear Butte!
• Help us spread the word throughout the biker community! Help us support a “buffer zone” around Bear Butte!
• Don’t ride 79! If you must, please be respectful and keep noise to a minimum, drive slowly while passing the area of Bear Butte.

For more information about our struggle, please visit us at or

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bear Butte Update 4/23 ~ Meade County Commissoners vote to APPEAL!

A quick update regarding Bear Butte:

On April 14, 2008 Judge Bastian remanded the decision back to the Meade County Commissioners in regards to the alcohol revocation of Jay Allen's, Sturgis County Line, LLC / Bear Butte Sunsets LLC.

At 8:30 this morning, April 24, 2008 the Meade County Commissioners unanimously voted to APPEAL Judge Bastian's decision. It has been directed to South Dakota Supreme Court for further clarification, if Judge Bastian had the legal authority to make such a decision.

Attorney Jim Seward and new General Manager David Shue were both present, representing the "new owners" Target Logistics.

In my conversation with them this morning, they both stated that Jay Allen was no longer "in the picture" and would be only involved with the promoting aspect of SCL, in addition to being the "master of ceremonies" for the rally. David Shue actually stated that Jay Allen is now working for him! Both Shue & Seward stated that they wanted to work with the local community and be "good neighbors." You all obviously know what my response that was!

I mentioned about the loud music, which could be heard from over a mile away and strobe lights going over the mountain all night long last year. David Shue said "what's the problem with strobe lights, they don't make any noise." My response was, well there are people that are on Bear Butte praying and having to listen to loud music and having lights flashing over the heads, while they are praying, there is something wrong in that picture. He responded, people are praying on Bear Butte during the rally? He just doesn't get it, just like Jay Allen.

Will keep you posted, when I hear about the court date.

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation is a grass roots organization, which works towards protecting our sacred sites across the country.

We are a local organization actively working on the Protection of Bear Butte, in South Dakota.



Greetings to all my relations,

I am writing to you today to alert you to the commercial desecration of land held sacred by nearly all the Plains American Indian Nations, Bear Butte. This blatant disregard for the spiritual beliefs and traditional and cultural treasure of thousands of people is evidenced by the continuing and mounting presence of bars, clubs, strobe lights, a proposed stadium, and other venues of crass commercial entertainment.

A brief background:

Bear Butte is a sacred site located eight miles west of Sturgis, South Dakota. It is registered as a National Historical Landmark. Bear Butte is sacred to the Plains Tribes, many continue to travel to the mountain each summer to pray and hold their annual ceremonies. Instead of praying in peace, traditional people are forced to pray with loud music from bars, mufflers and flashing strobe lights over the mountain.

For the past few years there has been a continual encroachment of bars and venues heading towards the sacred mountain. In the summer of 2006, the massive two story bar opened just one mile from the mountain, called Sturgis County Line. Their goal is to have a 50,000 seat concert stadium and a RV park, in addition to the newly built two story bar. The owner of this location, Jay Allen has been disrespectful from the start. He initially wanted to call the location “On Sacred Ground” and erect an 80-foot Indian statue pointing towards the sacred mountain. Of course this was not viewed lightly, there has been a major battle to shut Jay Allen down, ever since.

There have been several developments since the summer of 2006, expansions are in progress and things are potentially getting worse. On April 14, 2008, Jay Allen announced a new partnership with a travel corporation from Boston, MA. In addition to this new partnership, they announced their plans to open the Sturgis County Line, year round. Biker rally events are NOW scheduled in June, July and August for the Sturgis Rally. So far, over a thousand bikers are scheduled to attend each event in June and July. The concert venue will be moving forward, by next summer they could have a 50,000 seat concert stadium, one mile from Bear Butte! With this new year round expansion, it will virtually become impossible ALL summer, to pray in peace at Bear Butte. This issue has escalated and is now, more critical than ever. We are continuing the struggle to Protect Bear Butte and hope you will join us in these efforts!

What YOU can do to help!

Help us create awareness for the continual desecration of sacred sites, including Bear Butte. Get actively involved! Take Action!

Help spread the word! The goal is to create public awareness across the country about desecration of our sacred sites! Being proactive and creating awareness, is one of the many ways, WE EACH can help to make a difference.

Join our Bear Butte Working Group! We need pro-active, dedicated people who are willing to help in this continual struggle. Email us to find out how YOU can help Protect Bear Butte!

Talk with as MANY BIKERS as you can! Ask for their support on this issue, to not endorse Jay Allen’s Sturgis County Line. The motto is Bikers for Bear Butte!
Sign up for our email updates! We send out announcements, updates, action alerts, upcoming meetings, hearings and information about current status.

Contact us at

Monday, April 21, 2008

Meade County faces decision on County Line rally venue

Meade County faces decision on County Line rally venue
New owners may open bar beyond rally
By Kevin Woster, Journal staff Monday, April 21, 2008
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The Meade County Commission is scheduled to decide this week whether to challenge a circuit court ruling directing it to reconsider its denial of a liquor license for the controversial Sturgis County Line rally venue.

Commissioner Dean Wink said Saturday that the commission will convene at about 8 a.m. Thursday and go into executive session to decide whether to appeal the decision by Circuit Court Judge John Bastian. The other option is for them to proceed with reconsideration of the liquor license for Sturgis County Line, as Bastian has directed them to do.

"Basically, it's going to go in one of two directions," Wink said. "We'll either decide to appeal to the South Dakota Supreme Court or we'll set up a public hearing for people to comment on what we do next."

The commission refused in December to renew the County Line liquor license because of outstanding bills owed by owner Jay Allen. Allen appealed the decision, and Bastian ruled following a hearing last week that a pending ownership transfer of the Sturgis County Line required the commission to reconsider its liquor-license denial.

Officials for Target Logistic of Boston testified that they are buying controlling interest in the venue, which is located northeast of Sturgis within a mile and a half from Bear Butte, as well as the Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis and similar properties in other states.

Bastian determined that because ownership changed the commission must reconsider the liquor license issue. Meade County Commission Chairman Bob Mallow of Black Hawk said the commission will discuss the potential legal issue in executive session, then reconvene to take official action in public.

"If we make the decision to have a hearing, then there'll be public input. We'll set up a hearing," Mallow said. "Normally when you go for a liquor license, location and character are the only two things you can deny for. In this case, we're saying it was character."

If the commission agrees to proceed with a license hearing for Target Logistics, the "character" question will be reviewed in regard to the new owners, Mallow said.

Target Logistics President Joe Murphy said he's ready for that, and for the responsibilities that will come with taking over the Sturgis County Line and Allen's other businesses. He'll also take on some of Allen's outstanding bills, once the transfer is final May 1.

Allen will remain with the business as entertainment promoter for events during the Sturgis rally and at other times during the year.

"We want to make a commitment to South Dakota and Sturgis that we're going to be good citizens," Murphy said. "We're going to expand the use of this facility to year-round use."

That troubles some critics of County Line, including Bear Butte area resident Tamra Brennan, founder of Protect Sacred Sites as Indigenous People, One Nation. The organization opposes development that threatens the spiritual qualities of Bear Butte, which is a sacred ceremony site for the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and other Native Americans.

Brennan said the plans for extending Sturgis County Line events beyond the August rally season are particularly worrisome.

"If he goes and starts doing these big concert venues and other rallies in June, July and August, when are the people who come to the butte going to be able to perform their ceremonies?" Brennan said. "There is not going to be any peace and quiet when people choose to go up there and pray."

Brennan also said it's premature to remand the license issue back to the commission based on a company transfer that isn't yet finished.

"The new owners shouldn't even count at this point, since they're not even the new owners yet," she said.

Murphy said the deal is all but done, barring some unforeseen adversity.

"In our minds, it's a done deal," he said. "We've committed people. We've committed money. We're going to commit much more."

Murphy said he is willing to hear and work, as much as possible, with those opposed to the location of Sturgis County Line in proximity to Bear Butte.

"It's definitely something we've weighed. I've spoken to some of the people involved and told them we'll be happy to make any reasonable accommodations if we can," Murphy said. "If they're not going to be happy until we leave, we'll have trouble making an accommodation."

Contact Kevin Woster at 394-8413 or

If you go

Who: Meade County Commission

What: Meeting on whether to reconsider Sturgis County Line liquor license

When: 8 a.m. Thursday

Where: Meade County Courthouse commission room

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Invitation to the Bear Butte Forum May 3rd

Invitation to the Bear Butte Forum

The next meeting of the Bear Butte Forum is scheduled for Saturday, May, 3 from 8:30 a.m. to noon MST. The Forum will meet at the Sturgis Community Center located at 1401 Lazelle Street in Sturgis, South Dakota. Participants are responsible to make their own lodging and meal arrangements.

The Forum is an opportunity to get an update about Bear Butte and to share ideas for improvements. Each year the hope is that every tribe that has a spiritual connection to the mountain be represented at the Forum. This meeting is open to the public. Please invite others you think would like to attend.

Tentative Agenda
Volunteer work groups
Visitation numbers
Discussion Items
Conservation easement
Procedures if there is a fire ban in 2008 due to drought
Education Center Expansion
Land sales around the mountain
Presentation about 2008 Historical Preservation Nominee


Action Alert! Bear Butte ~ Letters of appeal needed by April 23rd!

Please forward to your lists in it's entirety, do not modify or edit. Thank-you!



Please send this sample letter that I wrote, or create your own letter highlighting the points stated, to the Meade County Commissioners, in regards to Jay Allen's bar Sturgis County Line at Bear Butte. Letters must be received by April 23rd, 5:00pm MTN Time.

For more information, or updates about the Bear Butte issue, please visit our website(s).

If you have any questions, please feel to email me directly at

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"

Copy and paste this letter into a separate email. Please don't forget to sign your legal name at the bottom!

Deadline is Wednesday April 23, 2008 by 5:00 MTN Time

Subject line: Appeal Judge Bastan's decision

To Meade County Commissioners

Lisa Schieffer
Meade County Auditor
1425 Sherman Street
Sturgis, SD 57785

Phone: 605-347-2360
Fax: 605-347-5925

Dear Meade County Commissioners,

Please stand by your decision on December 5th to revoke Jay Allen's liquor license for Sturgis County Line. The recent ruling of Judge Bastian to remand the decision back to the Meade County Commissioners, was shocking. This decision sets a precedence for anyone in South Dakota, if they loose their liquor license, the simple solution is, sell to a partnership and your liquor license will be restored. What message does this send to license holders to abide by the law!

The denial was based upon Jay Allen's character, that he was not a suitable person to hold the liquor license. As of the court hearing date on April 14, 2008, Jay Allen IS STILL the current owner and President of Bear Butte Sunsets LLC/ Sturgis County Line. This recent maneuver of Jay Allen is a very clear ploy to get his license re-instated illegally. As of the court hearing the only change has been new management, since the "sale agreement" will not be final until May 3, 2008.

"SDCL 35-2-6.2 defines the character requirements for licensee which demands good moral character and that the licensee have no felony convictions. These requirements apply to managing officers if the licensee is a corporation."

Has there been an investigation and background checks for the new management, David Shue and "potential new owners" Target Logistics Company, President Joe Murphy, that they are "suitable" to acquire the liquor license?

Please require Bear Butte Sunsets LLC & Sturgis County Line to follow the law as it is written. Do not allow them to control our court systems and have legislation written at the bench, on their behalf!

Jay Allen has proven repeatedly, to be of bad character with his development of Sturgis County Line.

Please do the right thing, appeal Judge Bastan's decision.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sign your legal name and address here

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bear Butte ~ Sturgis County Line Bar has new owner

I have spoken with the States Attorney and the Meade County Commissioners Office again this morning. There will be a CLOSED legal hearing on April 24th at 8:15, this will be for the legal council and the MCC only. It appears they will not be conducting a "public hearing" for us to make statements or address any concerns and/or issues. I am still gong to try to get my statement included, in regards to my direct conversation with these new owners, and their conflicting stories about how this new ownership came about.

Will keep you all posted as we go.

In peace & solidarity,

County Line Bar has new owner
By Bill Cissell, Meade County Times editor Monday, April 14, 2008
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A Fourth Circuit Court decision Monday approved a change of ownership for the County Line Bar, subject to approval by the Meade County Commission.

But critics of former owner Jay Allen said Monday they were surprised and dismayed by the court’s decision and pledged to challenge the process again before the county commission.

“I’m very shocked that the judge made this decision, so quickly,” Bear Butte resident Tamra Brennan said. “I think this is really quite convenient that all of a sudden Jay Allen has sold or went into partnership with another company at the same time all this was going on, to avoid the revocation of the alcohol permit.”

In December, the commissioners rejected the renewal application for an on-sale liquor license of current bar owner, Jay Allen, citing character issues. A number of local contractors that did work for Allen at his bar north of Bear Butte, claimed Allen had not paid them.

The new owner, Joe Murphy and Target Logistics, Boston, Mass., said they had a binding agreement with Allen to assume majority ownership of Allen’s holdings in Sturgis; Laconia, N.H., and Daytona, Fla., which would take effect on or about May 1.

According to Meade County Assistant State’s Attorney Ken Chleborad, the county decision would take at least three weeks. He said the county would have to have a meeting to set a hearing date, publish that date and then wait for at least 10 days before holding the hearing.

Brennan, founder of Protect Sacred Sites, Indigenous People One Nation, said she was stunned that a scheduled two-day court hearing was over in less than half a day. Nancy Hilding of Black Hawk, a spokeswoman for the Prairie Hills Chapter of the Audubon Society, said the court seemed to be “legislative from the bench.”

“If a government entity refuses to reissue a license because of character concerns, they find another owner and the county has to look at its refusal to reissue? You’re allowing everybody who gets their license yanked the ability to appeal, go out and find a new owner and get another chance.”

In peace & solidarity,

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bear Butte ~ Jay Allen liquor license back at County Commission

Hello everyone,

Wanted to give you all a update on what happened today at the Meade County Court Hearing in regards to Jay Allen's Sturgis County Line.

Looks like we will be potentially continuing the battle. Jay Allen is pulling a fast one here to say the least. I actually spoke with this supposed "new owner" Joe Murphy and Target Companies on April 3rd, he stated to me that nothing had been formalized as far as actual partnership with Jay Allen, but it was being discussed. Interesting, to find out that he had signed a MOU with Jay Allen on February 26th and paid him $40k. That appears to be a partnership, so why did he lie to me? Or is it just another game that is being played out by Allen? I think we know the answer to that one! He knew that the regulations stipulated that any change of ownership, would be entitled to apply for the alcohol permit. If the Meade County Commissioners decide to continue the revocation, all Target Companies has to do is purchase one of the existing licenses ,that are currently for sale. Either way, they win.

Judge Bastian's decision was illegal. What he has done is write legislation at the bench, he cant do that! He has set a precedence, that if you get your license revoked, all you have to do is sell part of your business and partner with someone and you simply get it back! Now, keep in mind that this if upheld, it will not only apply to Jay Allen, this outcome could potentially effect all of South Dakota. If this was taken to a higher court to fight, the judge would immediately dismiss the ruling today, because it is not legal.

So, now its up to the Meade County Commissioners to make the "final" decision. That public hearing should be within the next 7-10 days. I attempted to speak with the State Atty this afternoon, but he wasn't available. So I will follow up with them tomorrow to see if the file has been released to the MCC, to set the public hearing date. I am also going to talk with Dean Wink tomorrow, he is our commissioner for the Bear Butte District. See what info he provides about the next steps, they will take.

The MCC will have to address several issues, including the outstanding bills to local contractors that are still owed. This is the issue that resulted in the on-sale alcohol revocation on December 5th.

Once I have the date, I will keep you all posted. I will be there to testify as well on behalf of the BB issue, and the conversation that I personally had with the "new owner" Target Company.

The next issue is, Jay Allen is expanding and is planning two additional biker rallies, which will take place at Sturgis County Line, in June and July. So, now its not just a rally issue, Jay Allen will be at this all summer! In both June & July, there will be dozens of people participating in ceremony on Bear Butte.

The next step for us is, we will be submitting a initiative for the Meade County, November ballot requesting protection for Bear Butte. We will be pounding the pavement to gather sig's and can use help! So, if you live nearby and can help, please contact me directly.

Below is a article from Hazel, it will provide additional details. The Rapid City Journal has a article coming out tomorrow, will post that once its up.

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"

In peace & solidarity,

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"
Also, join our yahoo group at Protecting our Ancestors & Sacred Sites



Jay Allen liquor license back at County Commission
Bastian remanded failure to issue
By Hazel Bonner

Sturgis - A hearing was held before Judge John Bastian at the Meade County Courthouse in Sturgis on April 14. His decision after hearing from Jay Allen and two witnesses speaking on his behalf, was to remand it back to the County Commission based on new information. Deputy States Attorney Ken Chleborad represented the Meade County Commission. Paul Winters, Rapid City represented Allen. Allen appealed the denial of the Liquor License and was the appellant in this case against the Meade County Commissioners.

Joseph Murphy testified for a company known as Target Logistics (TL). He stated that he met Allen in 2003 and considers him a personal friend. The relationship has changed since Allen came to him to seek assistance with the Sturgis County Line (SCL).

He said that they have begun planning for business for this year. Those plans include plans for the Combat Veterans Motor Cycle Club to have a Rally at the County Line in June and further for a Special Forces Veterans Rally and an All Forces Rally in July or prior to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Allen had informed him that he had major debts owed for the construction of SCL and that those needed to be paid. He also said that he owed money for at least two other businesses in states outside of South Dakota. .

Murphy said that David Shoe has been hired as General Manager of the SCL. County Line with eventual ownership with Target Logistics. Allen would retain a minority ownership of the business.

A binding Letter of Agreement was signed by Allen on February 26, 2008. Murphy then went into a due diligence period during which he looked at whether there were any major environmental problems. The sale of the SCL may be finalized on or about May 1.

Allen received $40,000 shortly after the signing. He will receive another payment in May. That money was paid out for debts owed by Allen to his businesses. It appears that no money has gone to any businesses in the Sturgis Area.. Though a check may have recently been sent to a Sturgis person owed by Allen.

Checks were issued by TL directly to businesseho at the request of Allen. The money has been paid out by TL to other businesses in other states owed money by Allen. All the $40,000 has been distributed.

Two businesses, the Bear Butte Sunset, L.L.C. and Sturgis County Line L.L.C. are involved. One owns the land and the other the business, though Murphy was not sure which was which.

David Shoe, Sturgis, testified that he has been hired as the General Manager of SCL. He was in charge of U.S. operations in Afghanistan and prior to that was employed by Blackwater. He was a Social Studies teacher at the Middle School level before going overseas.
As an employee of TL he oversees all operations of their properties. He became General Manager of SCL on March 14. He too considers Allen a friend.
Allen testified the he had become acquainted with Shoe at Daytona and has known him for five years. He also testified that the sale to TL will not close until on or about May 1.

Allen received the SCL liquor license from Schoenrock Arch/Inc./Mad Mary's on June 9, 2006. He had received a Malt Beverage license in the spring of 2006. In June 2007 his Malt Beverage license was not renewed. On December 5, 2007 his retail (on-
Sale) liquor license was denied by the Commission.
Allen was the last witness for the appellant. Winters requested that the Judge remand the decision back to the Commission for a decision based on new information.

Chleborad asked Bastian to dismiss based on the case being moot.

Chleborad said that not enough information had been provided at the hearing for the Commission to reconsider the license of Allen. No new owner has actually replaced Allen and that will not happen until at least May 1.

Bastian ruled following the final arguments that he had the discretion to remand the case back to the Commission. A reliable source said that the decision may be heard at a public meeting. Call Meade County Commissioners at 605-347-2360 to find out about a public meeting. A copy of agendas and minutes is on the Meade Couty website at

Submitted by Hazel Bonner
PO Box 3712
Rapid City, SD

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update: Jay Allen appealing license revocation - Meade County hearing April 14 & 15

Hello everyone,

Jay Allen is appealing the Meade County Commissioners decision regarding the Sturgis County Line alcohol license revocation. The court hearing is sceduled for 9am on April 14th & 15th at the main courthouse at the Meade County Commissioners building. Jay Allen's testmony and evidence will be on the 14th, the State Atty's evidence and witnesses are scheduled for the 15th.

I spoke with the States Attorneys Office in Sturgis today. There are three separate issues that are being addressed at this court hearing, all three are realted to the alcohol license revocation issue. The following is what is being disputed by Jay Allen and his attorney.
The Meade County Commissioners hearing held in December, (in which they revoked the Sturgis County Line alcohol on-sale permit), was conducted poorly and unfairly.
Is being a bad busness person, grounds to revoke the alcohol permit?
If so, is Jay Allen a bad business person?
If the judge finds that the Meade County Commissoners decision to revoke was unjustified, he can re-consider and re-instate Jay Allen's on-sale liquor license for this coming rally.
The States Attorney stated that the judge will not be making a decision at the end of the court testimony. The two sides must submit a written closing aguement instead of a verbal closing, at the end of the hearing. The judges deciosn could potentially take up to two or three months. This means that we may not know if the Sturgis County Line will be in fact selling alcohol or not, until possibly July. This doesnt leave us much time to get a game plan together, again for this summer, if it is re-instated. We need to set up a planning meeting sometime soon.

Jay Allen's off-sale liquor license renewal comes up again in June. If the judge upholds the decision to revoke his license and his renewal in June is also dened, he will not be able to sell any alcohol (on sale or off sale) at Sturgis County Line. So, this decision could be a huge factor!

It is a public court hearing, so folks can attend. I would suggest calling in the early morning, the day of the meeting, just to confirm the status, it could be all day, it could be half-day.

Meade County Court & Commissioners Office contact info is:

1425 Sherman St
Sturgis, SD

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Writing campaign: Update on Bear Butte ~ Jay Allen's Sturgis County Line

Please cross post and forward to your lists. Help spread the word!

Update on Jay Allen's "Sturgis County Line." According to the press release below, taken from his website, he has teamed up with The Target Companies, which is a travel corporation of five companies. Wonder if they are aware of the Bear Butte issue and the continual fight to shut him down! Well.......they are about to find out, if they don't already know!

Time for a writing campaign folks!

Please contact Brian Lash, CEO of Target Companies at the address, phone or email listed below. In your letters, alert them to the issue, background, that Bear Butte is a sacred mountain and that we will continue to battle this issue until the Sturgis County Line and the other bars surrounding Bear Butte are shut down permanently! Please be courteous in your letters, ask them to re-consider partnering and endorsing Jay Allen. Ask them to please consider our Religious Freedom, the right to pray in peace, these types of venues do not belong at a sacred site and do they want to partner with someone whose character is beyond questionable, not to mention deplorable!

To keep updated about the Bear Butte issue and sacred sites, please visit our website at or our blog for Bear Butte at . There is a map on the website of all of the different bars and concert venues surrounding Bear Butte.

We have to continue to keep up the fight! By encouraging this company to reconsider and hopefully they will, we could put another dent in Jay Allen and his pocketbook! Each and every step matters and helps to make a difference!

Thank you everyone for all your help to protect Bear Butte!

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"


T h e T a r g e t C o m p a n i e s / 4 6 B i r m i n g h a m P a r k w a y B o s t o n , M A 0 2 1 3 5 / 6 1 7 - 5 6 2 - 1 3 0 0

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The Broken Spoke Saloon and The Target Companies Team Up to create the World's Greatest Biker Campground with the World's Largest Biker Pool!
Sturgis, South Dakota- The legendary Broken Spoke Saloon, the world's largest biker bar, has teamed up with The Target Companies, who have built camps all over the globe. Now, for 2008 the two companies have combined to bring you the best biker party in Sturgis with the convenience of a world class campground featuring all the amenities needed to make your trip memorable and hassle free... not to mention offering you the first dip in the biggest, most fun biker pool in the country!

The Broken Spoke Saloon and the Target Companies are turning the 600-acre Broken Spoke Campground located in Sturgis, SD off of HWY 79, into the best place to camp in 2008 and beyond. The all-new biker pool will be the home of daily bikini contests, feature swim up bars, decks, live music and killer food. Swim or sun at the Broken Spoke... it's your call. The Broken Spoke campground offers the most hassle free experience in the state with 500 over-sized, 50amp RV spots, a general store with everything you need to make your trip a breeze (including swimwear in case you forget), top quality, hot showers staffed to ensure cleanliness and comfort, great food, walk in humidor, and free shuttle service to the downtown Broken Spoke location on Lazelle Street - all of which ultimately delivers the best party in Sturgis.

The campground is taking reservations now and will operate from August 1 - 10, 2008. Special early reservations apply... only $99/person until June 15th. Book now at or call us at 1-888-284-8280 to receive the early booking discount , plus the first 2000 reservations receive a FREE commemorative pin!

"Coming to Sturgis over 20 years ago, my dream was to do exactly this. Offer my friends a ride through bar, a swim in my pool, cold beer and the ability to hang out with the hottest ladies in Sturgis. The all new Broken Spoke Campground is my dream; only now it is finally here. This will be the Sturgis of your life, come stay with us and find out what else we have up our sleeve" said Jay Allen, owner of the Broken Spoke Saloons.

"Since 1998 when we built Harley-Davidson's first campground, Riders Ranch, in Milwaukee we have been looking for something like the Broken Spoke property to enable us to continue doing what we love- creating a permanent campground for bikers with the greatest amenities available, including green choices making your stay one that doesn't leave a negative impact on the area. Jay had the ultimate vision for the campground, and the Target Companies job is to bring the vision to life while providing campers the ultimate camping experience. Our experience doing this at the 95th and 100th Anniversaries for Harley-Davidson were dry runs for what we are about to do in Sturgis" explained Target Companies' CEO Brian Lash.

The original Broken Spoke Saloon has a permanent bar and restaurant in downtown Sturgis, SD and additional locations nationally in Daytona, FL, Myrtle Beach, SC and Laconia, NH.

The Boston based Target Companies, including Target Logistics, Target Sport Adventures, iTravel Solutions, Air Planning and Target Travel were founded in 1978 and have managed complete housing and travel programs for the 95th and 100th Harley-Davidson anniversaries, Woodstock '94 & '99, eight Olympic games, four Super Bowls, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Langerado and Vegoose music festivals and has designed, built and operated temporary living complexes in Iraq, Athens, Greece, Milwaukee, New Orleans and Arizona.

For more information on either company, please visit their websites at:

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August 23, 1874, Wednesday


August 23, 1874, Wednesday

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ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 22.--A telegram from Bismarck conveys a dispatch from the special correspondent of the Daily Press with Custer's Black Hills expedition: [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

Cheyenne and Arapaho Revisited' at Denver March

Cheyenne and Arapaho Revisited' at Denver March

Posted: March 31, 2008
by: Carol Berry
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Photo by Carol Berry -- Quinton Roman Nose, director of the education department at Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College
DENVER - The northern and southern bands of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal nations came together March 21 at the Denver March Pow Wow in a historic meeting termed ''Cheyenne and Arapaho Revisited.'' The event was the brainchild of Quinton Roman Nose, director of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College education department. ''We decided it was time we reasserted our right to our tribal knowledge, to teach it to our children,'' said Henrietta Mann, interim president of the tribal college located in Weatherford, Okla. She called the meeting a ''coming together.'' ''We are here as the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribe of Oklahoma. We are here as the Northern Arapaho of Wyoming. We are here as the Northern Cheyenne from Montana. And as the Gros Ventre [a closely affiliated tribe] from Montana,'' she said. ''What a wonderful meeting.'' Northern and southern bands of the tribes separated in the mid-19th century with the incursion of increasing numbers of white settlers in the West and because of aggression on the part of the U.S. military. Denver - particularly the Cherry Creek and Denver International Airport areas - is in the original territory of the Cheyenne and Arapaho and is ''the land our ancestors walked on,'' Mann said in a keynote address. ''We're attached to this land every bit as much as plants that grow on this Earth.'' The conference, a first, drew more than 100 tribal members from Oklahoma, reservation areas of Wyoming and Montana, and elsewhere. In addition to the tribal college, sponsors included the education departments of Chief Dull Knife College in Montana and Wind River Tribal College in Wyoming, whose interim president, Marlin Spoonhunter, urged listening to the ''way of our ancestors, because they never gave up.'' Arapaho children may know their language early in life, but it is gradually lost in the public school system. ''One thing that kept the tribes together was the language,'' he said. ''We have a lot of work ahead of us.'' Bear Butte, a mountain near Sturgis, S.D., on the periphery of the Black Hills, was the topic of a presentation by Mann and her daughter, Montoya Whiteman, Cheyenne-Arapaho, associate director of training and technical assistance with the First Nations Development Institute in Longmont, Colo. They stressed the preservation of Bear Butte as a sacred site because it is the origin of Cheyenne culture, language and values, although today it is ''desecrated and violated.'' Mann recounted the story of Sweet Medicine, born to a virgin and left as a baby in what was described as reeds. He was said to have been raised by an old woman and banished from the tribe after a crime of violence. After four years, he emerged from present-day Bear Butte preceded by a powerful spirit who burned sweetgrass to purify the world. Cheyenne traditional tribal government, military societies, code of law, rules of conduct and prophecies are attributed to him. Holy earth spirits of Bear Butte designed the Cheyenne way, and ''all that is culturally Cheyenne originated there,'' she said. ''The mountain protects us.'' Bear Butte, a South Dakota state park and national landmark, is also sacred to Sioux nations as well as to the Kiowa, Arapaho and others, she said. ''It is a spiritually generous place.'' Human artifacts from 10,000 years ago have been found on Bear Butte, which is the source of ceremonial paints and animal life. Despite powerful storms, it is ''a peaceful and serene place'' for Cheyenne people who ''live in a spirit-filled world,'' she said. Whiteman said contemporary threats to the sanctity of Bear Butte include economic development, various types of pollution, human desecration and danger to animals. Threats to religious freedom on the mountain include the sound of gunfire from a nearby shooting range and noise from human activity that disturbs those engaged in prayers and vigils that require silent surroundings. The annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis that attracts thousands of bikers from across the United States is a major source of income for the area, so it has been difficult to enact protections for Bear Butte that could threaten income from the noisy event, she said. Nevertheless, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has proposed a perpetual easement around Bear Butte to protect against development there, she said, urging interested people to contact the governor, Meade County commissioners, State Sen. Theresa Two Bulls or the organizations that are working to assist preservation. Those organizations include the South Dakota Peace and Justice Center, the Intertribal Coalition to Defend Bear Butte, Lakota Action Network, Bear Butte International Alliance, the Association of Christian Churches of South Dakota, the Seventh Generation Fund and the Indian Law Resource Center. ''Do that for your children,'' she said, ''because they're the ones that are going to have to carry the charge of protecting Bear Butte.'' Other sessions in the two-day conference covered language, tribal surveys, and oral and written history.