Thursday, June 4, 2009

Commission delays action on Glencoe Camp Resort liquor license transfer

Commission delays action on Glencoe Camp Resort liquor license transfer

By Jason Gross, Meade County Times Tribune staff | Thursday, June 04, 2009

STURGIS – Meade County commissioners granted one license transfer request and tabled a second during the annual application hearing Tuesday.

Commissioners granted a retail on-sale liquor license transfer from Hagg Brothers LLC Sawtooth Campground to Monkey Rock USA LLC. Monkey Rock is classified as commercial property and covers 19 acres inside the Thunderdome.

Glencoe Camp Resort and Rock’N the Rally applied for transfer of a retail on-sale liquor license with Sunday sales to Glencoe Entertainment LLC. That was tabled until June 17, along with an on-off malt beverage application.

Several speakers opposed the Glencoe request. Meade County resident Tamra Brennan said the facility’s proximity to Bear Butte is a definite issue. She added that noise, pyrotechnics and traffic at Glencoe caused absolute chaos at the butte last year.

“It has been considered sacred and a church for thousands of years,” Brennan said of the butte. Most of the other opposition centered on Glencoe’s proximity to the mountain.

Andrew Iron Shell said he’s certain intoxicated people aren’t running outside other people’s churches and littering the ground. “I’m sure if it was like that, you’d be offended,” he added. “You wouldn’t want your children to see those things.” He favors a five-mile buffer zone.

Commissioners Alan Aker and Doreen Allison-Creed voiced concern about the 492 acres the license would cover. They said they don’t appreciate that some of the property is ag-classified.

Aker explained the county incurs many expenses from alcohol consequences. “The only way we have of paying those expenses is our property tax payments,” he said. Aker added it’s reasonable to expect licenses to occur on commercial land.

Allison-Creed added places like Full Throttle Saloon and portions of Buffalo Chip Campground are on non-ag property. She considers that unfair and said some malt beverage license holders have nearly all their property classified as ag.

Co-chairman Dayle Hammock said the commission does not have the option to consider ag land versus non-ag land. Aker contended location on ag land is part of a liquor license applicant’s location criteria.

Allison-Creed said the county needs to change its law and adopt ordinances concerning liquor and malt beverage sales just like municipalities do. “We need some change at the state level.”

Commissioners also voted to approve the rest of the malt beverage license applications.

Allison-Creed voted for all applications for what she said will be the last time. She added she will oppose them in the future if the property is not commercial.

Her vote was based partly on this time being very close to the rally. Allison-Creed said the sizes of some applicants’ properties need to be condensed.

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