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Meade commission OKs controversial liquor license

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Well, its just more of the same, but we still made attempt. This hearing was held at a out of the ordinary timeframe, usually they are in December and June. It just came to our attention that the hearing was being held at the end of last week, so there was no time to put together a opposition letter writing campaign. They will have to re-apply again in December and June, so we will get a early start for the letter writing then.

This article is actually incorrect, there were four of us (all locals), that made oppositions at the hearing, not three. Sure wish that more folks would show up at these hearings to oppose, hopefully in December, we can get a better show of support!???? I see alot of posts on the comments section of RCJ, for this article, but nobody ever seems to show up to oppose in person.

There were two license issues held yesterday, a tranfer and a new license. All they are doing is shuffling corportations around. When asked about the status of the ownership transfer and Jay Allen's status, David Shoe, General Manager for Broken Spoke Campground stated that Corporate Officers of Target Logisitcs, Joe Murphy owns 10%, Bryan Lash owns 58%, Jay Allen owns 30% and David Shoe owns 2%. Jay Allens only involvement at this time is as a "promoter," he is in charge of the "entertainment." Shoe also stated that Broken Spoke Campground, LLC now owns everything.

We each opposed the location and charachter issue, the Meade County Commissoners refuse to acknowldege either as a issue. It was also brought up again, about the adult entertainment issue that occurs at these venues, that nobody in this county seems to acknowledge is happening.

Since the Commisoners continually state these venues do not effect Bear Butte. I brought up about the insanity that was brought out to Bear Butte with traffic and noise, with the three hours of gridlock traffic thru Sturgis, down Hwy 79 towards Bear Butte, that occured on the first day of the rally. That was brought by the KISS concert that occured at Glencoe, which is just one mile the opposite direction down hwy 79, and McCain being at the Chip, which is just off the junction of Hwy 79 & 34.

The Commissoners also continually state that the noise does not effect the mountain, that there are no issues with these venues and the lude behavior and disrespect they bring out to the mountain. We spent this summer filming it, which will released in our upcoming documentary "On Sacred Ground", which is for the protection of sacred sites, including Bear Butte. We got all the choas, noise, lude behavior and traffic all on film. I offered to show it to them to prove these things DO exist, but they blankly stared at me with no response....surprise, surprise.

Keep in mind that Broken Spoke has also stated that they will be opening year round effective in 2009. Shoe stated yesterday, they are a business and do what it takes to keep the business going. It could be various motorcycle events or something else, they would not committ to their intentions.

For more info about the ongoing efforts to Protect Bear Butte, please visit our website(s) at and

Thank you!

Meade commission OKs controversial liquor license
By Jason Gross, Meade County Times Wednesday, October 08, 2008
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Meade County commissioners unanimously approved transfer of a retail on-off sale liquor license Tuesday afternoon to Broken Spoke Campground LLC. The board also approved a new retail on-off sale malt beverage license for the campground company, Bear Butte Sunsets LLC Sturgis County Line LLC.

The 600-acre campground and saloon has operated during the Sturgis motorcycle rally in August. There are several other rally-related businesses in the S.D. Highway 79/34 area east of Sturgis.

Commissioners heard from three local residents who opposed the transfer and application. They focused on the establishments' proximity to Bear Butte, which many Native American tribes consider sacred, but others consider the state park scenic.

"By statute, we're limited to either approving or denying the transfer based on location and character," Commissioner Dean Wink said. He said the Broken Spoke's location, while controversial and much-discussed at previous hearings, is far enough away from Bear Butte to not interfere with spiritual rituals.

The Broken Spoke Campground itself is two miles from Bear Butte, and the company's property boundary is a mile from the landmark, company attorney Jim Seward said.

The overall operation is owned by Target Logistics of Boston. Wink said nothing in background checks on the company or its officers would keep the commissioners from granting approval.

Managing member David Schuh said he is one of four owners. He said that although former owner Jay Allen holds 30 percent ownership interest in the campground, he is not the managing member.

Seward told the commission that the liquor license transfer follows through on a promise that ownership would become centralized. He cited tax and business reasons that a limited liability corporation was needed.

"Obviously, we'll be back here in two months on our renewal, and back again and again," Seward said. "The county will always have the right to say no."

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"

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